Thursday, January 24, 2008


Has it always been like this?
Maybe only I didn't see
I want to sell myself for a great cause
I want to be used and then throwed away
I would be no loss

Despite my tries, I can't escape the wonder
She has a sea hidden asunder
If at least we could swim away
No one would inject the pain in here

Love is my disorder
Obsession is my symptom
I'd love to be true, to be simple
If I only could...

Let's fly!
Look without fear at the seas below us
We'll ride them like a star
And feel the ache in our wings
Let's sail through the waves
And drown under the bright sun
And when everything is done
A little wet kiss to make us warm

No they won't save us
We don't want to go back up
The surface is the enemy
Down here we can start
New life

We are bare, we are empty
We are bare, we are empty
We are bare...

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