Friday, May 30, 2008


love so strong whatever the weather
even apart our souls are together
it's you and me babe forever and ever
even apart we're dreaming together

You invited me in
A bright smile
Warm hands on my skin
Your attention on me
For a while

i have abused my power
forgive me
you mean we actually are all

Music all around
Our hands in a chase
Useless sound
For now we reside in our embrace

'cause we are

and we’ll always be
you were born first
forever connected to me

Once and for all
Amazed I am
To keep this moment on
I look, even still
You're never the same
May I leave the room

Feel me, my poetry
Strong not to run

Your eyes in mine
as one

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cruiseshippers, pt.3

I've been put here
In the middle of the stage
To watch those watchers take what's left
of th
e curtains
My dusty pen writing me a note
Time to go

The house is full tonight
Distinct cigarette and coffee smell
Ladies and long dresses
Gentlemen, golden promises
Seen it all somewhere else
I guess

People I don't know well

But my mouth still frozen solid
Is longing for a good day
The best of all operas
Words yet unspoken
My voice will release me

Until a tear's dropped at my face
Visions blurry and blue
Got a hold on the guests

but not on you
It's getting so bright, so fast
I'm lazy and free
Your books never told you
You would never see
How I already fell here
On the stage

A long time ago
Before, crude rage
Now nothing but a show.

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Monday, May 26, 2008


At the edge of curiosity
We sent common sense home
Feeling flippy and whole
Like never before

Some bottles, what it takes
And a little desperation
Hoping for the elation that never came
Wishing to never be the same
We were

The dawn is sweet enough for a ride
"You're really coming?"
Expectations ringing loud
Fearing not to fear
Willing to show out

When losing track of yourself
It's easy being the best one
It's easy to go on
Tell them why
Not to dream anymore
After another set of the sun

Times are sweet enough for a lie
Do you feel like trying?
People won't hear a sound
You can feel warm as it comes by
But it won't last long
Useless to stare and shout

Anytime you want
Memories are there
What life is all about

Sunday, May 18, 2008



Released: April 2008

Recorded @ First Sight Studios


1 - Divisible

2 - Autumn Selfs

3 - Tales; Pumpkin

4 - Par a doxes

5 - Schoolyard

6 - Player

7 - Blankness

8 - Room

9 - Blindlows

10 - Warm Air

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Look around the corner
A heavy burden waiting to be taken
Take it out of my sight
There's a hole
Into which I'm thrown
Do you recognize your lie
Loving is making me shattered
No matter if you believe it's true
Would you tell me I'm even better
When actually staying beside you

My defenses are shaking
Illusions breaking apart
Madness running toward me
For the moment to become
What I'm not

Intensity flowing through my blood
never stops the sensation
Look for what's missing
Bring some weakness
Injectable fearlessness
Feel happy for my temperature
Loving is making me shattered
No matter if you believe it's true
Try to tell me I'm even better
When actually staying beside you

Try to figure out
My tongues have betrayed me
No shadow of doubt around my thoughts
I'm the mistake you are the solution
Watch me allow an intrusion
Obsessed with what was ever sought
Loving is making me shattered
No matter if you believe it's true
Try to tell me I'm even better
When actually staying beside you

Would you think of me, picturesque
Before leaving without a clue

Sábado, 5 de Maio de 2007 - "Lovely Numbness"

Another glass
It's getting over now
The feeling makes me fly
I'm over all the clouds
Just keep them right before me!

Can I feel you?
Do you feel I'm ready?
My taste is full of you
Maybe I could drink you more
Just a word
What I need, just a word

Well maybe I'm bothering
Maybe they're even listening
But I know it's not over yet...

I can see you
I can reach you
But you won't let me even for a rose
I don't see how it could end up
So my shell comes around
And I close up again

Will you come?

Maybe you're the key
Just try to be layed with me.

Lord Byron would praise me.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Every night I wait
For the moment to fray your each and every vein
All I live for
Playing the bait
Just to get away with what is to remain
Like a bird without feathers
It's what I need to fly
Exploring your mind
and fulfilling my obsessive needs
No matter what, once again we could try
My darkened path is yet to be lit
The sweetest purpose for those eyes of yours
In such a psych-dependance relationship
Being taken by sensations
What I aim for
Words of caring, words of doubt
Smell a change growing near
In my hands, my fate is yours now
Lay your head but do forget to fear
My love

Sunday, May 04, 2008


All the inspiration's gone
But I still have the night coming
Gotta dim the lights
And hope for a late morning

So I can be good
Just looking at my years on my hands
So I can be truly with you

Sounds from the streets would steal me away
How could it all just blur so fast
Can't help but feeling cold and gray
That routine for no reason will still last

But at night it can't be more real than this
The why for me to exist
To look into your eyes again
Enough to know I'm not insane

Just give me that sight
Once again
I'll love you so
Like no one ever loved me before

Open those sweet eyes
Darling, don't you cry
I'm here to help you through
Composing symphonies as wondrous
as your sighs
that sing me through

My tragedy my hope
This is my melody for you


Thursday, May 01, 2008


A call with no apparent answer
You were busy
With songs to be read, books to be seen, pictures to be heard
When once asked about what ambitions you had, you said none
How bucolic can your poetry become?

You smell like weakness
Wonder if your love tastes the same
There are plenty peerless girls with nice looks
Sheer dresses
Bright friendly jewels with no shame

What are you reaching for?
Wide smiles won't protect for too long
They'll be looking for something
Not looking for you

What are you longing for?
Regreting can do no good
While there's no need to be nice
to you

If their lifes seem stuck
in loops of senselessness
Try to look from somewhere far

Stop shaking, off receding
For we can't see who you are