Sunday, November 30, 2008


Like blackbirds
singing to the dark wind above
they roamed through the fog among the standing
and the wounded
The healed and the fooled
seeking their prize
Catching stillborn preys as
natural compromise
Uncovering the grey ground
stained with disgrace
They sang

"Is there anything left
for mind to make
for us to take away from you"
In a maze to the view
somewhat untrue
Was the sung tune as they flew south


On the paper, handwritten
there was music
From the corners of her mind
Which flew just fine years ago
She can't sit straight anymore
or touch the emotions that came along
with every note
There is trembling
frustration making her silence
so loud
she won't listen anymore
There is sore
roots glued to the ground
she can't move away

Still he wants her to stay
There are prayers every night
growing restless with each day
Hope that melts every frame of
regret once delayed
There is this undying life, anyway
inside his heart
Enough to keep memories warm and from being apart

For when the music is over
it can always start
alive, again

Evening Song

there is light in her cage
shining so brightly she could see
every single way
she ever followed

in her heart beating endlessly
lies a question still repeating
yet seeking
an answer to be told or seen
she could see the sun setting in a still
silent evening
anything new

tears collide against dry paper
melting the words once inscribed fiercely
paper now shining to the lights of the room
there's amazement to the view
poetry telling itself through
the sadness in the wetness
of her eyes

in the hills far above there are sounds
briefly perceived by those who walk near
crying for ancient comfort
saught for years

we are waiting

"on a winter's day
i saw the life blood drained away
a cold wind blows
on a windless day"

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bahamas St.

Cats are running
dogs are feeding on bones thrown at the lawn
Look up, it's dawn
on Bahamas Street
Wake your children, kiss your wife
Every second home is a waste of time
'cause there's life on Bahamas Street

While the sun slowly comes out -
don't you know he fears that cloud?
There's no need to take another nap
Enjoy the view, just take a seat
Every dew drop's smiling here
Before you even know
it's noon on Bahamas Street

And if you're not yet up
try taking a cup of tea
For the welcoming birds have a secret
for you to keep
So early in the morning
someone's thinking of you
Down on Bahamas Street

Friday, November 14, 2008

On loving and waiting

She once told me
that loving was stealing a little part of someone
for yourself
I answered I didn't know how to steal
anything from anybody else
"but you'll know when it's time", she said
"when your heart does not belong to yourself
And it was all letters thrown to the shore
I can tell

Monday, November 10, 2008


Sat back and wrote
about her horizons shining bright and
her lullabies sung slow
And the thoughts her head tried
to control
Restlessly wrote
telling stories of the south
the lost and never found
inside her palm
And the futures she built along the way
with a calm advice to just

Then got up and talked alone
to the people now long gone
and the sweethearts made of stone
along the ashtray
And spoke to her in the gentlest way
'will you ever return
to the life that you made true and sad and crazy
and yours'
while ideas came right behind the shoulder

But not today,
the ink is over

Saturday, November 08, 2008


That sick feeling inside of you
keeps growing
Not knowing its' own reason
But you analysed it well already
And you know it ended
for your own will
If it's out of control then there's nothing
you know anything about
You pretend to forget
pretend to forgive
But still you'll live it all again and again
day after day
And I'll be waiting for your decay
no matter how long you'll delay it
And I'll never forget it
Even as long as you're hiding
Those days will live in me until the end
To the day you will send me
your heart
To be broken apart
By the moment it reaches my door

'What is it you adore?'