Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Her foster paradise someday begins to drown
In a time when fresh ideas are blown through the glasses
Materializing every joy she ever had can consume them whole
But she never meant to cry
Neither to mean anyone harm
How late is it to learn some Physics?

Walking around the table will now seem so boring
The notes must be written, or people will forget it
She must be remembered
She must be remembered
As times have been hard and friends aren't still towers
Who will stand for each storm, each rainstorm that comes and goes

Even still, the words are empty
How will anyone read?
If only they could listen
Or at least sow a trust seed

In this heart of hers
In this hole of hers
In that unsaid goodbye
In those tears running dry
Inside out
How to fall when already lying on the ground?

1 comment:

Vagner said...

Queria saber se é pra alguém... Me parece tão direcionado. :P

Gosto da imagem das lágrimas correndo secas.
Muito bonito.