Thursday, January 31, 2008


Things fall on the floor
My daydreams are full of people who don't care
There must still be something more
Inside that sky, beneath that shell
Selfish is what my friends aim
But there's also what you claim
It's getting tiring
To swim for some land I'll never find

A violin laughs at my wet self
You always had me drowning
Your amazement was never really true
It was my desperate wish to be flying
Over my expectations

All these ideas keep coming up
The songs you have sung
My voices would reach the highest level
The beauty would make me numb

I'm so sure of how it is
Still there are no proofs
My metaphors, my hopes, my fears
Only made me lose
and lose
and lose

Confusion making me sick
Maybe it's time to fit those razors
Around your throat

before my poor writing gets me sad over and over again

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Has it always been like this?
Maybe only I didn't see
I want to sell myself for a great cause
I want to be used and then throwed away
I would be no loss

Despite my tries, I can't escape the wonder
She has a sea hidden asunder
If at least we could swim away
No one would inject the pain in here

Love is my disorder
Obsession is my symptom
I'd love to be true, to be simple
If I only could...

Let's fly!
Look without fear at the seas below us
We'll ride them like a star
And feel the ache in our wings
Let's sail through the waves
And drown under the bright sun
And when everything is done
A little wet kiss to make us warm

No they won't save us
We don't want to go back up
The surface is the enemy
Down here we can start
New life

We are bare, we are empty
We are bare, we are empty
We are bare...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cruiseshippers, pt.2

Did the curtains drop already?
The enemy is moving across the stage

2 | 1

Cruiseshippers, pt.1

Tomorrow I'm leaving
I'd probably rather shoot everyone before I go
But it isn't worth the bullets
And I laugh at the thought
For knowing I'd never be able to kill not even an animal

And I laugh at myself
My patterns make me ashamed
Is that what I want for me?

I need what is impossible
I seek what I can't reach
So I'm mad at myself and at the others for what we can't give TO ME

Is it right? Is that what I fucking want for me?
I INCINERATE that memory just to fuck myself again

It's all about me
But I'm not worth it
I'm not worth it

I'm.... small
Not any teenage bullshit, no
I'd be an old small thing
Or maybe a baby small thing
It wouldn't change at all

but i ask too much

i need some nice companion
myself maybe, for a change

Why do I leave me when I'm needed the most?

No one


3 | 1


I need

Thursday, January 17, 2008


A whole sea is rotting with "i need"s and "i want"s


Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Her foster paradise someday begins to drown
In a time when fresh ideas are blown through the glasses
Materializing every joy she ever had can consume them whole
But she never meant to cry
Neither to mean anyone harm
How late is it to learn some Physics?

Walking around the table will now seem so boring
The notes must be written, or people will forget it
She must be remembered
She must be remembered
As times have been hard and friends aren't still towers
Who will stand for each storm, each rainstorm that comes and goes

Even still, the words are empty
How will anyone read?
If only they could listen
Or at least sow a trust seed

In this heart of hers
In this hole of hers
In that unsaid goodbye
In those tears running dry
Inside out
How to fall when already lying on the ground?