Saturday, December 08, 2007


While I spit in your claims
You dance with that bow right above
That music not so different from the chains
Both phones connecting me to myself

So you're running right to here
Knowing you'll die in a hundred psycho(delic) ways
In my mind, until you arrive
Even so

Hair it grows so fast in those months of nazi ropes
Swinging around us and the strange looks in our direction
Dreaming, not damaging
Fall in love with every stranger for a day

The drama cannot rust, however
Without a fake, none can be achieved
Fake, where does it come from?
People as fake as flowers that lose their petals

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Oh honey I love your way
As you softly whisper your fears
Traces of tears all around your words
Enjoy me for as long as you want

You take me to places I've always carried
But never had been to
Or never had really seen in me
What is it the price to be
As sweet and sad as you are

The clock is melting on the table
While you're near
The hours escaping through the window
With my fear of showing out

Oh I love your ways of dressing me up like I'm someone
Of changing me whole like I was never really born

So yes, lay your years on my pillow
Sail your dreams through my eyes
And never look when I'm drying my tears
No! they're nothing near
What you'll always be to me

And sleeping is much easier
Knowing you'll never want to let me down
They'll believe me, I'll hum and sway
Oh honey I

Monday, November 05, 2007


For today is the day
And tomorrow is away
I will always be the same
Future framed in liquid clay

For seconds are like arrows
Thin and sharp and twin bladed
This place allows me to forgive
(my defenses allow no pride)

For this garden is my soul
And around here I won't grow
Neither their roses or bushes
Or your floating kiss that soon tells me it never happened

For the lights are too weak to stand for too long
For this branch is thin and I'll keep it strong
For my tears are old, dusted ice that breaks on the floor
For I am the dumbest of the dumbest and I don't know how to conclude

As I think how easy it is to be and to hide
For this is the end of a try
Of trying and not keeping

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tales; Pumpkin

I stand here every time
The hours melting in my head
As you smile properly
Why do you keep on?

Such vulnerability
So many looks
If I'm layed they'll walk over
If at least I could feel
your look

Thoughts of anger, self-despise open the way
But all you can see are my eyes
sparkling you
you despisable you
you miserable you
you lovely you
you damned awfully you

Such loud music
Such loud sadness
Such bright scratches
No more can I hide

The middle kiss
Lights and voices far away
Oh, I want to go

Oh, I want to go.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


As he sits in the chair
(his dusted throne)
And looks at the rotten fruits of his life
Regret has no place in the crown, not anymore
But they need some control
That's for sure

She's kinda scared, kinda sad, kinda anything
Keeps building up that wall of suffering and sickness around her
Just to hide the other side
(flowers and dreams and kisses that never happened)
So go on, the mattress is calling
Tomorrow, another day
(some more madness going on)

There's a witness, a little crack on the floor
No one ever notices

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Will they excuse you when they watch
Your desperate wishes of sickness
We can't hold for too long
You and your suicidal laughter
Don't follow others' scepticism

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Autumn Selfs

Black and white, the city was
As the fog hit the window of the back seat
The dance of the trees, grey leaves tempted by the wind

Small soft tears of rain bathed the streets
Her sweet smell disintegrating in the air
Too much trouble for a single girl

By the hotel she dropped
Not as fastly as the man hit the floor
The volume in her purse still tingling

"I want your body, your beliefs
I want it all, give it and leave"
You get what you want, sir
I give what I can
You'll see it better by the other side of the bed

Her scarlet mouth would whisper while he kept on with the acting
The final silencer somewhere only she could reach
Unreachable, like anything else

"Oh my dearest
Why feeling so sleepy now?
Let's clean up those red stains..."
I never got what I wanted
No one will ever give me what I need
I look to the opposite of my soul and there's a woman looking back at me

The taxi's gone
But look, a truck around the corner
Just my luck, the clock still ticking

It's myself

Sunday, October 14, 2007

What do YOU know

You laid and you remembered
How sweet it could be
How soft you could've been held
How much you could've been loved back

How much did you really have?
How long would the lead take to enter your memories

"What do you think" she started "that you can do with other people? I mean, with your own family"
"I can fuck you all and then myself obviously"
"I can respect you, because I love you guys and you guys love me back"
"That's right, we deserve respect"

She left the kitchen, left the bills and the advices
You there to think, your mind to fool you

Your love isn't here tonight

You're not really here, remember?
This is a pillow, not a table

You can't cry because you don't have enough reasons too, you little selfish bastard

Kiss the air and remember HIM

Taste the things you never had.
The poisons you never swallowed
The people you never raped
The minds you never blowed

Monday, October 08, 2007


Smoke and dreams in the air
They needed words and laughter to show
A little control over each other

Other language, some dimension
One was counting the seconds to freeze
Hair blowing in the wind
Kind of beautiful scenery no one seems to mind

But the music is still playing
They just don't dance to it 'cos they can't understand

We're still dreaming
They just won't awake to us 'cos we can't accept

Love, life, people
They can be dreamt for just one night.