Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The truth is

that person never really existed outside your mind. You were always in love with yourself over the years - or with yourselves, I might add... just for the pleasure to be. Pain was the bonus with the package. How dramatic can that be?

You're such a drama queen! But I like you, still. You sound colorful, and yet so blank... like a good book waiting to be written. Or to be read. You are wonderful, actually.

Just try to last a little longer. The public loves good endings, happy or not.


I want you here with the view
Bring yourself from the shores
Like the bird from which you just flew
When the storm began
For I've been grounded all the while
Watching drawings upon the sky
And hoping oh so hard for the next crash
My thoughts lost with the tide

Swirling through the waves
past each and every coral
Bubbles dancing in a hurry
Searching for the wind above
Something's still missing
Empty in my shell

A nest for hopes and dreams
Built out of the sea
Awaits for your return
When your sweet face is dry
Your wings will take you high
And you'll dream even beneath the judging sun
Your shame and regret
Their harsh talks and looks
Are just feathers to let go
To feel yourself finally free
Accepted to be
And not afraid to show

Swimming through the clouds
I can see your approach
From the warm sand burning soft
You came so far just to come down
Do not fear my touch
Deeply I've seen it
Known it all

This is your land to see
The life not so lost
The cost you've paid
yours to become

Monday, September 15, 2008


As the letter burned, the smoke spoke to me
Silent words floating, disappeared
The weather shifting through the windows
For the time is getting near
When the lack of changes will be clear

Others' luck doesn't matter
I want my own happy times
They're yours, so they'll be mine
But time ticks so slow

My reflection in the night
tells me nothing
Though it still reveals
The words that floated around
The scars they made that didn't heal
Didn't change

Feels strange to be
Still, heavily
Such an arsonist of a kind
Setting fire to the thoughts
Possibilities or not, pros and cons without a try
A promise to seek
The one not to keep but to hide

Self-indulgence self doubt
Every feeling in a row
while the heat enters the room
The smoke still tries to show

But time ticks so slow

Sunday, September 07, 2008


The way the trees bent
To the massive wind blowing on the hills
Like a photograph
Kept the same way over the years
In a way I wouldn't grow
I would freeze in time

A single picture in my mind
So many colors to combine
And build the piece of what I'm to become

Downfallen like the tree
The small leaf across the plains
Awaiting for the sea

On the top of desire lies
the breeze
Cold enough to stone
the strong and the weak
I'm running away as the fields become small
Crushing the grass beneath my feet

Have I arrived too late
Or lost sight of it
As phenomenal to be seen

Downfallen like the tree
The small leaf across the plains
Awaiting for the sea