Thursday, January 07, 2010


With golden stealth, the spider danced among her webs
an amazingly drawn design
but useless, still
for no painter she becomes
no artist will ever recognize her gift
and therein will lie her grief
until distracted feet step over her work of art

Dancing for the last time,
eight tangled legs slowly drawn together upside down
and the unexpected victory blossoms:
her death a masterpiece,
a design without struggle or sound
so that any careful eye could tell

Body upside down, and a bouquet of legs
with a single message:

"flowers overwhelm"

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Do you still remember, after all this mess we were in
how the absence of good-night wishes made you sad and made you cry
and can you still see from wherever you are
how he is not even nearly willing to try?
It's not that you could ever be replaced
not even nearly
but I miss you the most
forever truly
I still feel the touch of your hand
taking me from my thoughts
because you missed the way we laughed
and you missed the way we talked
and you missed me when I closed the door
and left you as if I didn't care at all
and did I, after all?
I can't tell what happened then
but it's crystal clear to me now

That you could never be replaced
not even nearly
and it's your love I miss the most
always truly

your sweetest piano still tuning in my mind
and the songs you never played...