Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Night Vision

I do not take the darkness seriously as I do not perceive skin as it is,
nothing but a string of slightly yellow, bright light
to my eyes.
Neither do I take seriously, or even perceive, for that matter,
the lack of his lingering presence on my back.
Wishful thinking, you might say, but I'd rather dismiss it as gentle breeze,
that just happens to shroud me softly some times at night.
Why being attached to notions that do not entertain or comfort me, in times like these?
There is a math to it all, trying to deconstruct the patterns that entrap and isolate one
from recovering feelings and memories,
or from finding new ones that serve their purpose - 
such as air shaped as him, or the shiny trail left by a lightning bug that may be actually disguised as my skin.
It might still be around, if there is just enough...