Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cruiseshippers, pt.1

Tomorrow I'm leaving
I'd probably rather shoot everyone before I go
But it isn't worth the bullets
And I laugh at the thought
For knowing I'd never be able to kill not even an animal

And I laugh at myself
My patterns make me ashamed
Is that what I want for me?

I need what is impossible
I seek what I can't reach
So I'm mad at myself and at the others for what we can't give TO ME

Is it right? Is that what I fucking want for me?
I INCINERATE that memory just to fuck myself again

It's all about me
But I'm not worth it
I'm not worth it

I'm.... small
Not any teenage bullshit, no
I'd be an old small thing
Or maybe a baby small thing
It wouldn't change at all

but i ask too much

i need some nice companion
myself maybe, for a change

Why do I leave me when I'm needed the most?

No one


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1 comment:

Vagner said...

Até agora esse me parece o seu melhor texto. Ou pelo menos o que mais me pegou!!! Achei maravilhoso, corajoso, fluente, inovador, profundo, tocante... Adorei!