Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kitties on the Water

Kitties on my bed
messing up the whole scenery
Driving my sisters mad
when waking up it's all I see
Kitties on my neck
Squeezing it tightly until I'm out of breath
their tails shaking to the beat of the car keys
rattling outside
There's nothing I can do
there's nowhere I can hide
and there is never enough time

Kitties on the water
Blinking and laughing gladly at my face
as all that really matters is the sickness I embrace
The tragedies they insist to whisper in my ear
Yet to come, they make it all clear
As it boils, my fate on the water
The pain I forgot to believe in

"Meow", they growl
While I'm still trying to figure out
Still keeping myself from talking loud
so they won't hear me stray from the conversation
But they'll still blink and stare
and anytime I look
There's kitties everywhere

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Where Doves Go By

In the way of the seasons, and in between the old ladies
comes a silent surprise, discreet
almost invisible to the distracted eye
but killer as a killing wave in distant islands
where doves go by
and pick their families up dry from the ground
birds of hope never ever to be found