Thursday, January 31, 2008


Things fall on the floor
My daydreams are full of people who don't care
There must still be something more
Inside that sky, beneath that shell
Selfish is what my friends aim
But there's also what you claim
It's getting tiring
To swim for some land I'll never find

A violin laughs at my wet self
You always had me drowning
Your amazement was never really true
It was my desperate wish to be flying
Over my expectations

All these ideas keep coming up
The songs you have sung
My voices would reach the highest level
The beauty would make me numb

I'm so sure of how it is
Still there are no proofs
My metaphors, my hopes, my fears
Only made me lose
and lose
and lose

Confusion making me sick
Maybe it's time to fit those razors
Around your throat

before my poor writing gets me sad over and over again

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