Sunday, October 14, 2007

What do YOU know

You laid and you remembered
How sweet it could be
How soft you could've been held
How much you could've been loved back

How much did you really have?
How long would the lead take to enter your memories

"What do you think" she started "that you can do with other people? I mean, with your own family"
"I can fuck you all and then myself obviously"
"I can respect you, because I love you guys and you guys love me back"
"That's right, we deserve respect"

She left the kitchen, left the bills and the advices
You there to think, your mind to fool you

Your love isn't here tonight

You're not really here, remember?
This is a pillow, not a table

You can't cry because you don't have enough reasons too, you little selfish bastard

Kiss the air and remember HIM

Taste the things you never had.
The poisons you never swallowed
The people you never raped
The minds you never blowed

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