Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Autumn Selfs

Black and white, the city was
As the fog hit the window of the back seat
The dance of the trees, grey leaves tempted by the wind

Small soft tears of rain bathed the streets
Her sweet smell disintegrating in the air
Too much trouble for a single girl

By the hotel she dropped
Not as fastly as the man hit the floor
The volume in her purse still tingling

"I want your body, your beliefs
I want it all, give it and leave"
You get what you want, sir
I give what I can
You'll see it better by the other side of the bed

Her scarlet mouth would whisper while he kept on with the acting
The final silencer somewhere only she could reach
Unreachable, like anything else

"Oh my dearest
Why feeling so sleepy now?
Let's clean up those red stains..."
I never got what I wanted
No one will ever give me what I need
I look to the opposite of my soul and there's a woman looking back at me

The taxi's gone
But look, a truck around the corner
Just my luck, the clock still ticking

It's myself

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