Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Oh honey I love your way
As you softly whisper your fears
Traces of tears all around your words
Enjoy me for as long as you want

You take me to places I've always carried
But never had been to
Or never had really seen in me
What is it the price to be
As sweet and sad as you are

The clock is melting on the table
While you're near
The hours escaping through the window
With my fear of showing out

Oh I love your ways of dressing me up like I'm someone
Of changing me whole like I was never really born

So yes, lay your years on my pillow
Sail your dreams through my eyes
And never look when I'm drying my tears
No! they're nothing near
What you'll always be to me

And sleeping is much easier
Knowing you'll never want to let me down
They'll believe me, I'll hum and sway
Oh honey I

1 comment:

Alan Blair said...

oh honey, I don´t understand you english, but I understand you heart and you mind. Love you, my little prince and litte sweet.