Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tales; Pumpkin

I stand here every time
The hours melting in my head
As you smile properly
Why do you keep on?

Such vulnerability
So many looks
If I'm layed they'll walk over
If at least I could feel
your look

Thoughts of anger, self-despise open the way
But all you can see are my eyes
sparkling you
you despisable you
you miserable you
you lovely you
you damned awfully you

Such loud music
Such loud sadness
Such bright scratches
No more can I hide

The middle kiss
Lights and voices far away
Oh, I want to go

Oh, I want to go.

1 comment:

Yuri Cunha said...

Luke, aprenda a tocar violão ou guitarra e, belo bem da humanidade, musique essa letra. Algumas são mais literárias (Player), mas essa é bastante musical.