Monday, June 29, 2009

Night Bug

And you will haunt me for some time
A little flying bug in the night, feeding on
the light of my scared eyes
Scared of knowledge, scared of control
and just as afraid of anything you still have to show
Another trick from under your wings

Soaring through my room
your mirror eyes don't care for my face
for the traces the years left all over it, sparse
And the way you shake your wings
tells me you're still wired
back to the roots you can't deny
You're not tired or shy
of being hidden by the shades from my sight

Now stop before you perform such dangerous landing
and think about the ways you've been bending,
getting away with all your flaming speeches
Still, with trembling wings,
you're structure and meat
My skin is the lavish white warning
reaching to your humanity

Trembling wings bleeding under my hand
A killing slap, one of a kind
your hidden cards leaking through soaked sleeves
the signs you ignore now smash your pride
Green you are, for green your blood will shine

And you will haunt me for some time

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