Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Walk down this way,
her street of desires scrapped
and thrown out the window
Recycling it all won't do very much
when everything she looks for is shiny and new
Try to jump the holes
along the way
before she concludes you're finally screwed

She pushes you to the tiniest edges
and raises your eyebrows high
just before blowing you completely out of sight

Is it a mademoiselle
A frau or a lady?
You'll find out until midnight
Average danger awaits in the car
And if lost ain't yet the fight
no car or plane will ever take you so far

She writes with hot blood
your name on her dress
But not so fast, when finding hers is a dirty,
harsh little heart
Soaked in mud
still to be understood
Your life like a movie in your eyes
she'll keep on pushing,
but as hard as you try
it's impossible to move.

Yet, her street of scrapped desires
and blown-out smokey fires
still leads up to your room.

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