Thursday, June 25, 2009


It was just my last costume
The one I'd use for the very last time
to fit in every story I made up,
every adventure I'd ever try
Times those were when we all had thoughts
about how happiness grows out of bad fortune
It was just my last costume

It was just the last time
As minorities wouldn't
ever rebel again
The soldiers are ready for repression to begin
and I keep my head low
Waiting for my turn, no one by my side
holding hands with invisible friends of mine
I was waiting for my time

Reduce your fears to stone, little rocks along a wooden path
They will still hurt you, you'll learn the same
and there's nothing to cry about or object
when you're just about to break the strain
It was just a sucession of cheers
and ideas that won't move on
There's no waiting, there's no time

Time is now, bring forth your closure
Conclude it all you started with before
Now where's the giant lying on?

It was just my last costume

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