Saturday, May 30, 2009

Your Handwriting

Even in between a thousand different
letters and notes
Your handwriting I'd recognize
As I'd do in between a thousand different people
With a thousand different looks
The shining jewel in your eyes

Hold me close, as years before you did
"My little darling", as you'd gently call me
Let me feel you close again

Still here in the wardrobe lay the pieces of you
Fragments of your smell and fragments of your smile
And as I absorb you once again, it appears so true
Again, to me
You're around for a while
Again, to me, we're no longer in denial

Hold me close, as years before you did
"My little darling", kiss me on the cheek
You'll whisper goodbye before you leave

The bruises burn bright all over my skin
And no longer I have you to heal
But the memory that insists to shout through the brim
Shows me I'm mature enough to steal the pain away
With everything we learned together
I wish I only managed to make you stay

Hold me close
As years before you did
But no, you're turning grey
Lost to memories of lively days
And though I feel you close, anytime
I'll help you to fly away

Watching the sky through the window of the kitchen
Whining again over your handwriting

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