Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lucy III

How well do you try it
Daily, weekly, monthly
Frequently deny it
The absence of your tries
Translucent, so lucid
Lucy you are
the greatest crush of them all

Confide me how well
You locked my sea into a shell
And hid it into your pocket of demises
Just so you know, I memorized the row
Of your dresses and disguises
Let me watch how well
You cast such brilliant spell
To keep your prelude and blow the finale
Translucent, so lucid
Lucy you are
the bay in which I chose to drown

Heard you're out of town
Why do you keep running away
I can't seem to know how
To keep on living this game

There was your suffering as well
You lost your way out
Of the personal hell
built for only yourself
Don't you think I remember?

Translucent, so lucid
Perspicuously running

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