Sunday, May 10, 2009


She once teached him how
even the troubled and endangered
are able to love freely and healthfully
Though every time around
he still feels threatened by the creatures
of his longest dreams
Creatures of the sea

When asked about the veracity

of the rumors he found himself in
He sighed just to think
what else was there to do
but to hide away?
And pillows full of trust and dismay

I want you just near
As if we're about to merge into
A whole new picture

I want not to fear
Any of this love around me
To catch the wave as it turns
and ride each of the seven seas

Her bag layed on the nearest table
So he ran to steal it from the one
who stole his heart first
Years later they'd talk about
the logic of it all:
who was it the one to start the mess?

To be the one watching
To feel so icy
The chill of the fall

I want it all clear
To smell you just near
And finally watch it through the fog
Closer as never before
Let me know you in and out
Our bodies together on the ground
Reaching to a distant shore

And I'd drink you out until
We're only love
Troubled, endangered
and eternal.

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