Monday, March 09, 2009

The Hibernating

The first attempt was unsuccessful
for he didn't pay enough attention to the
Now, the bedroom is messy,
there are things to be done
and no one to give them a try.

He won't know what to do
when everything feels so wrong
and life seems to be upside down
from then on
It's alright to wish anything will happen
anytime soon

Frozen for a while
He wishes he could escape the blow
Or maybe he just tries to show how much you can
Look away
He's too ashamed to try for an audience
To freeze isn't that easy, you know
Requires some practice and, mostly,

He won't know what to do
when everything has stoped working
Things are stopping their actions
from then on
It's alright regretting being frozen
while watching the moon as it
stops from rising

He can't say what is true
from all the available possibilities
and all the failed attempts just thrown at his face
When all he ever tried was
to embrace
the reality of things

The ice now melts, shining
to his bedroom's poor yellow light
and slowly he sees it getting back,
the movement
The life he missed so much
the years lost to the touch of
This time he'll face darkness, face
to face
Without the tiniest shade of regret
or shame
Life was waiting all along, after all.

He wishes he knows what to do,
when everything still feels so wrong.

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