Monday, March 16, 2009

The Bells

Ringing alone beyond the frontiers
Perfectly born from collision
The sounds
They talk for you
They touch you and guide
your blue blind eyes to the house

Ringing together in unison
Hurting the ears
But dripping is not blood from your eyes
Your soul soaked with tears of memory
From the sunlit paths to the dark chapels in the woods
And the faith and the rules
You would try to choose
And read the message given to no one
but you

Close to Earth itself
The angels would be
Like in the movies (but it's not only a movie)
Just so they can see
the confusion
And hear the sounds on the shelf

Alone, you trespass
Violate the lines
No matter how long the crying lasts
Someone will lay you to rest
Marching to the sounds life pursues
Ever rigorously
You'll find the clues to forget and rebuild
Sunlight is always there to fill the void

Ringing, next to boundaries
Next to the seaside
You will think of the bells
Keep their lifes in and put the rest aside

Voices, not sounds
They talk for you.

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