Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Pupil, pt. II (Narrow)

She was at the ending now
Missed out black and white screening,
but the colors didn't mess up the unique beauty
of her experience
Backed by a royal orchestra, which laughed
and greeted her aloud

In her heart still lived the pupil that couldn't get old
as it was by her own eyes told

She followed her own light, through a narrow corridor
Each voice and tone rehearsed as never before
While the public watched, astounded,
her final act
The symphony was now her own
as she kept it beside her, not to be alone
with a vow to keep alive the music as, just like her years before,
another pupil was born

Pictures and newspapers will agree
hundreds of years from then,
when every other fruit is fallen and trees are rotting
that night will never be forgotten.

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