Sunday, February 15, 2009

Liquid Thinking

If she was a glass of water,
she'd be about to fall and break in a thousand pieces
or to be drank empty by a bystander.
I just want to be there with her.

If only I could become a glass of milk or something,
I'd maybe get a glimpse of her feelings.
Or maybe not.
Who knows what crosses your mind
when you're a vessel
filled with some liquid?
Not blood or pus, but pure
crystalline water
or maybe pure white milk.
Who knows?

It's better, more comforting to believe
she'll remain fulfilled until I arrive
Until I'm thirsty of her love and attention once again
so she can be drank empty by my selfishness.

A glass of water, about to fall and break
into a thousand pieces of glass.
She's a puzzle yet to be solved.

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