Saturday, February 28, 2009


I wake up and look at you, still asleep
The shine in your eyes no longer
But it's when we suddenly are younger
You wake up and run around the room
looking for her
She's alive, coming right behind you
To enfold you
Hold you and sparkle with love
And I finally conceive you

Is it our fault that life has never been the same
And things get lost to change as we're growing old?
Is it the last time we'll accept each other with the absence
that insists to be told?

You try so hard to reach me,
but no bridge stands between anymore
I'm old and cold and filled with
You're so young, but yet
so filled with sore
And the harder I try, the less I sympathize
with anyone's pain but my own
Sorry to keep you as a target
But we must realize our luck is running out
The cards were thrown

Is it our destiny to keep declining, descending
towards our holiday home away from happiness?
Are we still losing the watch we had on things
And life matters just as much as the rest?

I look at your face and can't hold inside me
that smile
Your beating little heart
There's a little bit of her here
The sea crushes out there, but inside
there's nothing to fear
but this breeze, that keeps us apart

Is it true you plan to die, slowly and hidden from all
To keep the surprise?
I wish you could just turn around, give it up and go forward
For we shouldn't reach her before
it really is the time
The roses didn't die, did they?
So won't we
(even though I wish I was gone every night I lay alone
on our bed)

It is time we decide to take care of you
and the little wars going on inside your head

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