Monday, January 12, 2009

The lost bride weeps

I've been left here, beneath the sand
and sandstorms
My veils standing between me and my sun
Eclipsed since he left
Only an insane heat strokes my soft skin now.

I know so well it's your turn there,
the sun must be pleasantly warm and safe
While I dance like a hummingbird, lost
and disoriented
for missing freshwater and fresh love.
The nights here are freezing,
just don't pretend you can't get a glimpse!
The hands in your eyes will do you no good
now that you left me here,
beneath the sand and sandstorms.
I will still dance our ritual every evening,
to the end of times
And you may not return
For the creator still comes to light the giant lamp wherein lies
the sky itself
(where i can see you standing from where i reside)
And finally brings me morning.

I mourn no more, then,
though you above watch me forlorn
For the breeze blows my veils southwards,
pointing another sandstorm.

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