Monday, January 19, 2009

how to notice holes

in a way, holes are just invisible. they're always there, and you don't really care about a hole until it is filled. when it is filled, be it with diamonds or with leaves - you won't understand it immediately, you will wonder why has it been filled, if it was always a hole, empty.

you'll think things don't work that way. holes can't disappear like that.

and while you think, you'll walk over that ground that once was a deep hole, without even noticing. you don't jump over it anymore, for you can walk over it. you were ok with holes, now you are differently ok without them.
until you fall.
the hole reappeared.
and now you care that there is a hole.

try not to be scared, or disappointed - it happens all the time. it isn't that hard to start noticing holes instead of forgetting them.

just don't forget to keep jumping.

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