Sunday, December 14, 2008


The shells were still dreaming together
when out of nowhere the sun came out, burning softly
of having to face your harsh eyes
But anyway, we talked in the morning
There where these thorns coming out of your rose-like tongue
As if you knew what was about to come from inside of me
And you did, indeed
As it always comes from you first

The gardens shone, covered with dew and raindrops
reflecting every dream we ever had
but shining more brightly and stronger than we never did
The shadows covering half your face
half mine
just like we always were
the darkest parts of each other
following the opposite ways
I chose Rome, you Naples
even though we watched the same moons every night
and drank their moonlight until there was no more strength to stand
So we could fall down, asleep on the solid grounds
while the city awakes

There are things I should give back to you
but they're recorded in flesh and thought
so instead I'll send this jewel
well-crafted silver ring
to show my gratitude for this disease that eats away my good fortune
and friends and family
There are things I should give back to you
but they're part of me, that you'll never have again

Afterwards I met a ghost in the Church yards
and went to him, hungry for answers and judgement
but from the Earth he came, and to the Earth he should return
as us all
I blinked anxiously and held on
until he spoke from the heavy morning air
telling of the greatest judge of them all
my own everbeating heart, hidden under muscle and nerves
it was enough to tell I was far gone
out of the Church yards
away from Rome
and closer to the shining gardens
where you would still lay, on the lawns, opposite to where I stand
when we first met
we wore the same look in our eyes
but the wind blew west instead.

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