Monday, December 01, 2008


pressed up against the glass
I found myself wanting sympathy
but to be consumed again
oh I know would be the death of me
and there is a love that's inherently given
a kind of blindness offered to appease
and in that light of forbidden joy
oh I know I won't receive it

A "love that's inherently given". What would it be? Who would it come from, and when?

"A kind of blindness offered to appease". Is love but a 'kind of blindness' which some people inspire in others, in order to be seen as beautiful or perfectly crafted creatures?
Maybe that's the only way to love someone. Creating this state of blindness and surrounding the person with sweet memories of other people who have done you well, hoping that this time it will last longer.
But then, you hardly know if you're dealing with anyone real or with an oasis created by your own blind mind.

You don't want to lose it, even knowing you will sooner or later. You hold on to your hope that things may be different 'this time'. And all because there's only one constant in the whole process: change.
You'll never know before it happens. Therein lies the final question - will you wait long enough?

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nando said...

love is challenge. and that includes the challenge to still keep your love while the ideal person falls apart to show you a real someone that also only needs to... love and be loved. isn't that what we all are? people in need of a lovely-someone-else? :}