Monday, December 08, 2008


And laughed
for the wrong reasons

Late night when there was this talk about killing and dying
and ordering flowers
to be interrupted by the waitress asking us to leave
What would you do without me?
I'd have asked if only she skipped the bathroom time
I wouldn't let her go
She would never really know why I sighed all night
So my steps walked the way to the dirty old door
with a lady rudely drawn on a plastic plate
But desire seemed to pour from the keyhole

Closer each second to the mirror where she stared at,
otherworldly natural
the blond hair I always marveled at still wondrous
the surprise in her eyes to meet mine
and in her belly to feel my hands
a slow breath stolen from the fetid air
this lust our bodies wear
and cannot hide
Her ear fitting perfectly inside my lips
the warm words escaping through the corner
of my mouth
to the moment our tongues find each other
embraced, for the purpose I always aimed at
the lipsticks blending colors
our dresses entwined, but yet
your eyes
smiled wide as never before
while I burned for my thoughts, inside
thought of expectations

and laughed,
for the wrong reasons

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