Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cruiseshippers, pt.3

I've been put here
In the middle of the stage
To watch those watchers take what's left
of th
e curtains
My dusty pen writing me a note
Time to go

The house is full tonight
Distinct cigarette and coffee smell
Ladies and long dresses
Gentlemen, golden promises
Seen it all somewhere else
I guess

People I don't know well

But my mouth still frozen solid
Is longing for a good day
The best of all operas
Words yet unspoken
My voice will release me

Until a tear's dropped at my face
Visions blurry and blue
Got a hold on the guests

but not on you
It's getting so bright, so fast
I'm lazy and free
Your books never told you
You would never see
How I already fell here
On the stage

A long time ago
Before, crude rage
Now nothing but a show.

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