Sunday, May 04, 2008


All the inspiration's gone
But I still have the night coming
Gotta dim the lights
And hope for a late morning

So I can be good
Just looking at my years on my hands
So I can be truly with you

Sounds from the streets would steal me away
How could it all just blur so fast
Can't help but feeling cold and gray
That routine for no reason will still last

But at night it can't be more real than this
The why for me to exist
To look into your eyes again
Enough to know I'm not insane

Just give me that sight
Once again
I'll love you so
Like no one ever loved me before

Open those sweet eyes
Darling, don't you cry
I'm here to help you through
Composing symphonies as wondrous
as your sighs
that sing me through

My tragedy my hope
This is my melody for you


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