Monday, May 26, 2008


At the edge of curiosity
We sent common sense home
Feeling flippy and whole
Like never before

Some bottles, what it takes
And a little desperation
Hoping for the elation that never came
Wishing to never be the same
We were

The dawn is sweet enough for a ride
"You're really coming?"
Expectations ringing loud
Fearing not to fear
Willing to show out

When losing track of yourself
It's easy being the best one
It's easy to go on
Tell them why
Not to dream anymore
After another set of the sun

Times are sweet enough for a lie
Do you feel like trying?
People won't hear a sound
You can feel warm as it comes by
But it won't last long
Useless to stare and shout

Anytime you want
Memories are there
What life is all about

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