Monday, September 15, 2008


As the letter burned, the smoke spoke to me
Silent words floating, disappeared
The weather shifting through the windows
For the time is getting near
When the lack of changes will be clear

Others' luck doesn't matter
I want my own happy times
They're yours, so they'll be mine
But time ticks so slow

My reflection in the night
tells me nothing
Though it still reveals
The words that floated around
The scars they made that didn't heal
Didn't change

Feels strange to be
Still, heavily
Such an arsonist of a kind
Setting fire to the thoughts
Possibilities or not, pros and cons without a try
A promise to seek
The one not to keep but to hide

Self-indulgence self doubt
Every feeling in a row
while the heat enters the room
The smoke still tries to show

But time ticks so slow

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