Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I want you here with the view
Bring yourself from the shores
Like the bird from which you just flew
When the storm began
For I've been grounded all the while
Watching drawings upon the sky
And hoping oh so hard for the next crash
My thoughts lost with the tide

Swirling through the waves
past each and every coral
Bubbles dancing in a hurry
Searching for the wind above
Something's still missing
Empty in my shell

A nest for hopes and dreams
Built out of the sea
Awaits for your return
When your sweet face is dry
Your wings will take you high
And you'll dream even beneath the judging sun
Your shame and regret
Their harsh talks and looks
Are just feathers to let go
To feel yourself finally free
Accepted to be
And not afraid to show

Swimming through the clouds
I can see your approach
From the warm sand burning soft
You came so far just to come down
Do not fear my touch
Deeply I've seen it
Known it all

This is your land to see
The life not so lost
The cost you've paid
yours to become

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