Monday, March 10, 2008


I saw your silhouette
A white trail drawn in the air
You were a crystal glass falling down

I saw your face breaking in a thousand pieces
Each shining brighter than the lights in the street
And I sadly couldn't join them all

I saw you walking proudly
As if the hell around didn't bother you
As if you were strong and true after all
And I believed you

We danced until the sun came back
You laughed about my lack of personality
We surrendered to the music of it all
Nothing but a glass about to fall
And I forgot

I forgot how to find the one that made me blind
I'll remember how to be who's better for me
Who'll change the sheets of my soul

I'll wait for me to return
This hunger never growing old or small
I'll be someone I'll fear
Pale and raw

I'm coming back
Opening the gates
My new highlights keeping me awake

I'm coming now, straight and tight
I'll be someone, let's blow your mind
My ego is flying me to the skies

And I exist
Not as you thought it should be
The pillows on my face have no more mean
Free from this body, clean from this scorn
they've thorn me apart

But the piano is still playing
There's music in my death
Am I really gone, or have I gone mad
Maybe I could save something from that glass

I'll wait for me to return
This hunger never growing old or small
This eternal shame growing insane
but I'm afraid to fall

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