Sunday, March 02, 2008


So many guys say wonderful things about her. Some of her male friends would give anything to date her. Why should he be different?
He is the one she really needs - though he's not the most beautiful, neither the most interesting friend of hers. She hates herself more than she hates him, for letting herself in his game.
But she feels like he doesn't give a shit about it all.
Of course he cares, but not really as much as she does.
She's afraid of how it all might end.
Will he close the door behind him again? She may be left all by herself again, all of a sudden. She's not sure of anything. She's afraid.
Even though, he's also afraid - afraid of not caring about her at all. He considers her for everything she ever did to him and all they've ever done together... but can that be called
Sometimes, deep inside, he wishes he would push her away of his life again, but this time forever. However, he can't know if he won't also be left all alone again afterwards.
Where can all those answers be?

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