Thursday, October 04, 2012

Rivers Met

Restless head full of insomniac tenacity, 
I think of what kept your towers high and stone-cold on those many nights,
when only heavier drugs could lend you the peace needed to dive
into the lighter sheets of deep sleep.
Or did you ever reach such depths?
Times were such that they could only remedy the enormous waves in your head,
but never reach any clear cure to your ailings.
Numbed seas that could never be silenced.
Which currents drew you into waters so troubled and violent?

These doubts run through my own mysterious currents, at least tonight.
Maybe we fight similar shrouding tides of past burdens
that won't settle with being left ashore.
Or, even more likely, I'm reading my own miserable patterns into
what you will never have the voice to explain, your own tales of hardship.
It is only certain that our streams cross, more than once, 
sharing this incredibly uncomfortable and crippling ocean of a mind
that never shuts up.

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