Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Very Unoriginal Verses and Structure (Whatever Was Meant By Then)

The discussion remains
And the body still lays in between
Outside still screams against the violence and the inside still roars
Against the silence and the waves that insist to come
Looming still is the menace, everlasting and still unsolved

A war still establishes itself, solid and concrete
While, sometimes, distraction itself invades the plot
As if a whole generation of wild nature grew its deepest weed
And broke easily the own structure's weakest spot
But distraction is blewn away by any wind

A claim is made, by the absence of any other,
that the battle is to go on
Soldiers galore, there is energy for enough violence to support
But not enough to lose or to win
Each throw of each blow brings closer the final step,
the death of one side yet to begin
But will any of each survive without the other within?

The discussion remains,
dressed as an angst apparently long knewn by the ones who watch
Though, still, both warriors face the same raging rains,
and living tears will merciless still crush
them both

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