Thursday, September 30, 2010

Adrian, pt. II

For so long left in the cupboard,
hidden in between daily moves and routines,
forgotten you tried to be.
My favorite from all the drinks, the stand-out from my hash.
Never ceasing to sweeten my daydreams,
thinking of how I'd ever see the return of such glorious days.

You were took out and placed on
my dining table,
where once guilt meals were once binged,
and crowds in my mind were pleased
with the acid, mischievous outbursts.
Delighted in such position, you seemed,
as I poured, drip by drip, your essence
into my crystal clear glass.
Bubbles and expectations went skywards.
I loved the sounds, that never gave up on bringing back
the memories of your taste.
Tragic and unexpectable, sweet and intense,
unique beverage that worked out the wickedest substance,
when mixed with my flaming blood.
Straight to my conscience, you insisted on heading.

I fear for our past, I long for our future,
but only during these seconds while the tip of my tongue
still holds some liquid.

You will never disappear, from my cupboard or my sight, my dear.
For the crises do not concern your existence,
and your taste subdues every single thing.
Nobody sparkles like you.

Live and rush in,
my bloodstream and my flesh,
the ways you were pushed out
and the ways I'll always let you in,
tasting each time just as sweeter.
From my skin
to all that lies deeper.

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