Sunday, April 04, 2010


I was born with a clock
buried straight into my heart
and the counting began when I first knew
where to start
But the hands go always backwards
and faster with each time
my fate deceives the routes taken
and it gets more and more tiring to try

I was born with a knife
buried deep into my heart
And it conducts the blood from within to the world
amazingly enough, spreading amusement to some
and trying to fit pieces to the whole incomplete part
of a puzzle still confused
Pleads for delaying the end are heard and guarded
as amulets from the nostalgia of childhood
in ways that I've never even used before

When hearing a pain so intrinsic and medical
(as in related to cientific medicine and all)
I live it to the limit and until the fall
ignoring sacrifices made and privileges thrown away
as the pain remains
but expensive pleasures will stay
as long as they last until realizing
it is already another day

I was born with a heart in my chest
that teases and tries to say
how inherently, it owns
the power to wait

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