Sunday, March 21, 2010

In Time

Not even the massive tempest could wet
the tiny detail
A single crack in the structure
the fall of it all
I love you like I've never loved before
and I can't match the level you've met and adored
What is it about our past?
What the hell about glories and forgotten lovers?
Is the garden of daisies I've grown the past few weeks
smaller than what you've seen in the forest of your yesterdays?
There is the detail yet, you will want and it will wet
rain remains unforgivable

But still don't you drive like tragic
When it's crystal clear it is only coming at you
The mirror doesn't mix well with the recipe of my eyes yet
Let me be the wreck of your trains
the rainbow connection in your wires
and the data that runs through
would only be singing my sighs

Needs of the flesh will remain needs of the flesh
and our ideals above them all
even while feeble, softly sewn fabric burns softly
to pointless desire
Red as desire will always be
but hollow as it's always been
and still I would be following you

So please forget yourself around
for you will be painted in the brightest frame I've found
so that such beautiful energy gets stuck in the world we live in
And I will stare until my grin
rusts to death
the final smile on a royal chair
happy to know we'll have met then

A mountain of singing birds in a chorus
below our feet

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