Friday, August 07, 2009

One of a Kind

Will I still have the odds on my side
when trying to reach the brilliance of this language
just by crafting my thoughts as if they were unique
when my feeling is not nearly one of a kind?
Hiding your sources won't work forever
and you shouldn't cover your roots
if your tree still means to grow
Dispel this drama off of me
and leave it all to the clarity of what really is
Could it be the best move in order to
preserve the existence of the tree?
When all you want is your garden surrounded
not only by the natural guests, but the amazement of intruders allowed
and still, the more you try to show,
the more you find yourself shrouded
struggling to find a way out
This maze of ideas broken and mistaken
the silence outspoken
your self-confidence shaking
to the softest of sounds
but not so soft, you see
or you'd having nothing to worry about
The poetry in one's eyes is the poetry in one's mind
but what if it's reflected by one wearing glasses
or faking thoughts just for the glow they insist to show
intense enough to blind the distracted eye
Faking usual feelings for the shining glory of the unusual
when a feeling is clearly not one of a kind

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