Monday, April 27, 2009

In the Green

Life has moved on
But you're still jumping on the lawn
Sometimes it feels like dancing
Primitively seducing
the creatures of the garden
Would they reach out to the flowers
Or to your hardly hidden burden?

It takes the hundreds of stings through
Your soft white skin
To take the pain within
But lately you've been
weirdly feeling fine

Sleepy sleepy little dog
Scream it woofing in my ear:
Is it our future to grow old and full of fear?
Their experiments on us work no more
What were the flowers really for

Dee dee little bee
Come flying from the streets
And kiss me in the mouth with love and greed
So scarlet I'd be for every tree to see
Your poison searching for the blood in me to feed

It takes the bunches of insects
Holding you down from near
The ones like you who actually succeed
Dancing around in line
Knowing of your state of mind, though
weirdly feeling fine.

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