Monday, November 17, 2008

Bahamas St.

Cats are running
dogs are feeding on bones thrown at the lawn
Look up, it's dawn
on Bahamas Street
Wake your children, kiss your wife
Every second home is a waste of time
'cause there's life on Bahamas Street

While the sun slowly comes out -
don't you know he fears that cloud?
There's no need to take another nap
Enjoy the view, just take a seat
Every dew drop's smiling here
Before you even know
it's noon on Bahamas Street

And if you're not yet up
try taking a cup of tea
For the welcoming birds have a secret
for you to keep
So early in the morning
someone's thinking of you
Down on Bahamas Street

1 comment:

nando said...

são seus esses poemas? gosto muito do que tô lendo aqui.

e vc ainda é um ear with feet. :}