Sunday, October 26, 2008


What the hell is this
Which keeps her trying to resist
Her own ego
Choosing the safe way
Was her own mechanism
to tell herself
It's not anyone else's fault
Just keep focused
on what you can reach
If only you could tell yourself
what you seek
but it's a messy colorful world
No one's been around
you were never told
about the dangers of this land
The things you'd get to worry about
The people you would choose to laugh at
and people you would cry to care for
The measures you would not stand up long enough to
take care of
Try to be, try to accept
your own misery
Sure I know
how you feel inside that dress, dear
And I've witnessed
this whole fucking mess
But we know
It won't last long
from now it's time
for you to decide
Is it winning time
Or is the downright crime
going to succeed?

There's no more bowls
needed to feed
Keep it to yourself
Oh dear
Try to keep it to yourself
There's no need in trying
to show it to anyone else
Just hold it tight
And keep from leaking out
It's your life
The precious jewel
It all has always been about...
just try
just try
just choose
for your


Andrea said...

You must be in love, darling. Breath and tell her!!!!! You will feel much better.

Anonymous said...